My Journey through Pictures… the last 8 months

It has now been 8 months since my last post. I cannot believe that because in my head I have been blogging all along. I have come up with so many topics to pontificate upon and yet none have it made to “paper” so I am sharing a visual journey of the last eight months.

For a quick synopsis, I now weigh 145 lbs, have completed a 10 mile race and a half marathon. I have traveled to Durham, Perdido Key, Mobile, New York, Chicago, Houston, Orlando and Lover’s Key, Florida all for fun! I moved from Montgomery to Birmingham and am loving my new city! Now I actively hike and have kayaked. I have “swam” with the dolphins, manatees and other wild life. I have embraced my family and friends in a new way and have committed to be more active in their lives. This is such a precious, short life and I am excited about my new outlook on it!

In short I am now truly living… but the thing I am most proud of is that I am helping others who have reached out become healthier, whether through the surgery or by discussing the basic ways of how to lead a healthier life. This is the new beginning. This is now who I am and this is what I want my blog to become. I hope you will continue with me as I embark on a “new journey to find me” as a healthy, happy participant in my own life!


16 thoughts on “My Journey through Pictures… the last 8 months

  1. What a strong woman!!!! Knew you would do this, but you are “over the top” Strong, smart and more beautiful than ever—love ya, Sandra

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  2. Total Rock Star Status! You inspire. Your love for life, others, yourself is so evident. Beyond proud of you, Cousin Lisa! Love you so much!!! xoxo, Lisa

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    1. I am so proud to know you and be a friend. There are no words that I can say that would Express the awe I have for all that you are doing and have done. You have sent me on my own quest for adventure and good health.

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