Welcome to Onederland! Enjoy your stay!

One of the first things I learned on this journey, discovered during observation of bariatric support groups, was the grand goal into Onederland! This is when you break 200 pounds and enter the one hundreds. I made my grand entrance into Onederland last week, but since yesterday was my 5 month surgiversary I thought today was a great day to celebrate this milestone! Current stats are: HW 280 lbs, SW 270 lbs and CW 196 lbs.

As many of you know I have chosen a VERY regimented lifestyle in order to make the most of my first year and reach the doctor adjusted goal of 145 lbs, which is currently only 51 lbs away. As the stomach recovers from the surgery, which is usually a six month period, you are free from some annoying things like cravings, growling stomach from hunger, and other things I have forgotten with my new 4 ounce stomach. Soon some of these annoyances will return with a vigor as the newly repaired/reconnected nerves will reactivate and begin to challenge my currently subdued brain. And I thought surgery recovery was a doozy!

I continue to hear about how this is the “easy way to lose the weight” well I am here to tell you there is NOTHING easy about this decision, and believe me, this is NOT a complaint. Physically the recovery from surgery takes quite a while. Adjusting to the limited space in your stomach is daunting and at five months out I still manage occasionally to overfill my pouch which results in vomiting. This overfill often is a result of the vitamins I must take following my evening meal. As a bariatric patient I am on twice the daily vitamin intake requirements of a non-bariatric person, also known as you normal people. This is my life, forever…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Each day I learn something new about myself and my body. The weight loss is slowing, as expected, which translates into a new plan of increased physical activity and a continued stringent eating regiment. Food is no longer fun for me. I eat mostly meats, fish, chicken, cheese, and some green leafy vegetables but no grains, flours, sugars, starches of any kind. This can be mighty boring. This is the road I have chosen to walk for my success and I know this lifestyle will be a part of my entire lifetime plan in some form.

So as you cheer me, please enjoy your meals and snacks. I still don’t miss them, I am just aware. I am truly learning to tune into others, instead of eating, and to observe the world around me, just a little bit more, as my focus is no longer on what is going into my mouth, but on the intricacies of all I was missing before.

If you ask me what the hardest part has been, the answer is… not drinking before, during or 30 minutes following eating. I have to “be in the moment” at all times. And for that, I am thankful.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Onederland! Enjoy your stay!

  1. Congrats on making it to Onederland! I’m right there with you, but my cravings have started coming back with a vengeance!! It’s taking a lot of willpower to push through. But I agree with you. The hardest part for me is not being able to drink with my meals. That’s one of the biggest adjustments for me.


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