It’s not Food, its Fuel…

First of all, I have added two photo galleries to the main page of the blog. One that sports things that I want to do as I progress along this ongoing journey and the other is filled with photos, including the day of surgery, showing “yours truly” on the journey. Now….for today’s post.

Many of you know me well and how food has played a major role in my life. During Jewish holidays and celebrations foods are almost always included and are often representative of aspects of the holidays themselves. Socially I have always enjoyed throwing parties, dinners or gathering with friends over meals or during festivals. This has been my life, thus the birth of my love and enjoyment of foods across the board. Yes, I am probably an original “foodie.”

My world is dramatically different. There is no longer joy in food for me, it is strictly fuel. The lack of cravings and the fact that food no longer tastes the same or as good as my head thinks it will after that first bite, has changed my perspective.

Please don’t feel bad for me because this is a regiment lifestyle I have chosen for this first year. Once I have reached my goal of health and wellness I will begin experimenting more with fruits and vegetables, but I am resigned to the sugarless, flourless lifestyle forever after experiencing the changes that have occurred within my body post surgery (i.e. increased energy that lasts throughout the day, no afternoon “sinking” and a peaceful state of mind that I didn’t understand before). My diet will eventually evolve, but my stomach will always remain a 4-6 ounce capacity organ with it’s own opinions on how much I can hold or whether it wants to “keep” what I have chosen to fill it with.

There are times when I “think” I want to eat something outside of the regiment. Last night I ate my regular dinner of brisket and Brussels sprouts. About 30 minutes later I thought I wanted something else so I ate two cubes of cheese and eight almonds. Then shortly after the PB2 started calling my name and two tablespoons later I was done. I am not concerned, as it still didn’t push me over 750 calories for the day, but it makes me wonder just how my mind manages to take over sometimes when an “old fave” like the wedding cake Saturday night didn’t even phase me. It’s a brain thing, not a needs thing…I am constantly learning to recognize the difference. Next time I post we will discuss grazing and why it is a “no-no” in my new life.

So you are probably wondering about my status. Tomorrow will be 16 weeks out from surgery and my stats are HW 280 lbs, SW 270 lbs and CW is 210 lbs as of this morning! Only 11 lbs from “Onederland”!!!

I will be graduating on 4/28/17 and I am excited to see this journey takes me next!

Your continuous love and support are what makes each day a joy! Know you are all with me with each step.

6 thoughts on “It’s not Food, its Fuel…

  1. I’m right there with you!! I find myself having to fill my days with things other than food, taking up hobbies I never knew I loved. I didn’t realize how much my life revolved around what meal I was eating or what I was going to eat next. Like you said, there’s no joy in food for me anymore, but that’s a good thing. Can’t wait to read what’s next!


  2. I am so happy for you! Although you have always been a stunner, now you can be more assured of feeling good and being as healthy as you can be. Keep up the good work. God bless! Nancy

    On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 3:30 PM, The Journey To Find me wrote:

    > thejouneytofindme posted: “First of all, I have added two photo galleries > to the main page of the blog. One that sports things that I want to do as I > progress along this ongoing journey and the other is filled with photos, > including the day of surgery, showing “yours truly” on the ” >


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