Little things…

It has been an amazing 12 weeks since surgery to remove of 85% of my stomach organ and may I say…I FEEL TERRIFIC!!! Maybe it’s the weight, maybe it’s the 200% vitamin requirement, maybe it’s the new found confidence in myself or maybe it is just a great combination of it all. Status report is HW 280 lbs, SW 270 lbs, CW 220 lbs!!! I have reached my first goal of losing 50 lbs since surgery an entire week earlier than anticipated. I am, at the very minimum, overjoyed with my progress and all of the work it has taken to get to this first milestone. Now I am seeing the little wonders of the ongoing change.

As I dressed for work this morning (an increasingly LONG process as I end up trying on all my “new/old or old/new” clothes to see what fits) I had to open yet another container of smaller clothes and add to the growing containers of large clothes to donate this weekend. I love that my loss will be the gain of others with the addition of (I believe) cute clothes!

On another exciting front, the floor is now my friend. I was able to get to the floor for exercises with my Dad recently and then to get up with ease IN FRONT OF SOMEONE. It was such a NSV (non-scale victory) for me!! The flexibility and comfort I now have with my body has been a wonderful change. I have so much more energy and am in love with just going and doing. Life is already so much better and I am still 85 lbs from reaching my final goal of 135 lbs.

A second NSV of the week is a personal goal status update. I completed a Business degree program this past week. I took the comprehensive exam that is a requirement for graduation following the one year intensive BBA program. I will be graduating on Friday April 28th. This is 35 years in the making and has been yet another confidence builder for 2017!

There is more great news to come as I continue to change and evolve into this new person who I am already loving!! Remember, if you have a question I am not addressing, please ask! Thank you all for your continued support and love!




7 thoughts on “Little things…

  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa –

    I could not be more proud and happy at all you have achieved! You have such courage and determination. Anything is possible for you. I love reading your updates and continue to be a part of your support system.

    Much love.



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