8 week Surgeversary Q & A


Today is my 8 week Surgeversary and to celebrate I have turned the dialogue over to you, Team Lisa, and am answering all questions submitted about this journey. Thank you to Lori Beth for suggesting this idea!

I am guessing that you probably would like a status report… HW 280lbs, SW 270 lbs, CW 233lbs… I am 13 lbs away from reaching my first goal of 50 lbs lost (total of 60)! Now, let’s with your questions:

How are you feeling?

What a great place to begin! I am actually feeling really good. I am walking more (even started a “couch to 5K” this weekend. Bending is so much easier and I’m becoming more active. My new hobby has become “shopping” in my closet and wearing clothes associated with memories. Yesterday I wore the dress from the “Woman of the Year” banquet. Every day I discover something new and different. What a great ride!

How much work did you miss?

It was a relatively easy surgery so I was able to take a minimum amount of time off of work. It was the height the Christmas season and demands were low at work, so I opted to take seven business days off. Surgery was on Tuesday and since my nursing staff/companions/family made trips from out of state to be with me, I was able to spend time with each of them and then return the following Thursday to regular duties. If the surgery had taken place at another time of the year probably wouldn’t have taken as much time.

What has been the hardest part?

I am going to break this answer into two parts, mental and physical. The mental part has been a continuous fight with Head Hunger. This is when you crave something or are thinking of something you want to eat later and it has NOTHING to do with your physical state. It is all in your head. It’s like that bag of chips or cookies in the kitchen. You know they are there and it’s all you can THINK about but your stomach isn’t growling or empty.

On the other side, physically it is the diligence required from pre-thinking and logging everything that passes my lips, to coordinating the many vitamins that keep me healthy and the body noises/pressures that come from making good or bad choices. It is also math (Dad will be proud). It is my surgeon’s orders to stay below 30 total carbs per day, so I am always writing and adding, writing and adding.

How are you not thinking about food? I was at work the other day and say tortilla chips in the break room and in my mind I obsessed about them, until I went and got some. They just remained on my mind! What is the secret for not doing that?

Head Hunger….no one is immune! These are the times I am learning to look for distractions. I will go for a walk around the block, wash dishes, anything I can do immediately that moves my thought process away from whatever I am obsessing over.

Are you tired of people asking you about it?

To have made such an extreme investment, both financially and physically, I don’t believe I will ever tire of talking about this journey. I have heard from different people who have been moved by the blog to make changes in their own lives. I am overwhelmed that my story has helped one person, let alone more. No… it will always be a joy to share.

Have you learned anything surprising about yourself?

During the post-surgery process I have come to realize just how reclusive I had become as the weight came on. I didn’t want to be around people and I would avoid plans outside of work obligations as much as I could. I am now seeing myself open to more traveling and community involvement. I am getting back to the person I was years ago.

Do you still do social things that involve food?

I haven’t done a lot of social things involving food as of yet, but I am certain since I am no longer experiencing cravings that I will be confident in those situations. I have been to a local meeting where there was a buffet. I solved issue with an egg from the salad bar and some carved turkey. I believe socializing will not be too much of an adjustment.

Are you able to eat in restaurants yet?

After week six I was able to eat regular foods, so yes, I can eat in restaurants. Prior to that I enjoyed noodle-less, meatless Pho at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant during recovery.

Have you bought some new clothes?

The only thing I have purchased has been a pair of jeans in a size 20 from Cato’s, so not expensive. I probably won’t be in them long.  I quickly grew out (no pun intended) of the 24s and 22s. The 20s that I own are pretty old and are not in good shape so they are being donated. I also wanted something that was more fitted for now since I am seeing a shape again.

What about alcohol?

 We are allowed to drink after 6 months, but I am choosing to wait until after I reach goal. This margarita/bloody mary loving girl can wait to celebrate this victory!!

Were you surprised at the number of people who have taken an interest in your journey?

I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have followed the blog, have supported my journey on Facebook and who have personally invested after my friend Rachel created a GoFundMe account on my behalf. This has been beyond a blessing and I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank every single person who has read my story, commented, cheered and supported me. It has truly been a humbling experience to be so loved.

How important is it to you to have so many cheerleaders in your corner?

When I began the blog it was a form of accountability, a way for me to journal to the world. I never thought it would grow into the project it has become. How important are my cheerleaders? You all are EVERYTHING to me!

What does it mean to you to have so many cheerleaders rooting for you?

It is an honor, a privilege and a joy to have so many rooting for my success and my health!

Do you now find yourself wanting to talk to friends about their eating habits?

This is an interesting question. Right after surgery I was having lunch (clear soup) with my friends Andi and Katie. We joked about ex-smokers and how they are the first to criticize other smokers. I made a promise to them that I would not become “that” person. Now that said, I do find myself wanting to correct others and make suggestions, but I do my best to hold my tongue. Here and now I give permission to all of you that if I ever become critical or corrective of someone else’s eating habits, you have my permission to call me out on the carpet! I really don’t want to be that person.

Are you going to be one of those people who wants to tell others what to do?

See previous question and please add exercise to the description. I need to know and own that this journey is mine and for me. Everyone is different and we need to each embrace our differences. That said, I will continue to answer questions honestly if asked. I guess I needed an out….

You previously mentioned unhappiness with airplane seats. Are you ready to fly?

I am so ready to fly! I know that my butt is smaller now and that as I continue to shrink that my comfort level will continue to rise!

I have already made plans for trips to Chicago and New York this year. I will also be making a trip to New Orleans, Mobile and the beach at some point. I am ready for all of it and so much more.

It is my hope that 2018 will be the year I go to Italy. It is my dream and I would love it to be a gift to myself for reaching goal!


This completes the questions submitted, but please know I am always open and available to discuss this journey. It is my life and I am loving living it!

Along with work and the last module of school, I am preparing for the Comp Exam which is on March 2. It is pass or fail to graduate and I have already ordered my cap and gown!

So get ready….this is going to be my year!

18 thoughts on “8 week Surgeversary Q & A

  1. First time reader here! I had my surgery this past December and I have to agree with the Head Hunger. I’m struggling with that the most right now. I’m trying to figure out my new relationship with food while still maintaining my sanity! 🙂


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