In a day where our focus must be on the positive aspects of our lives, I continue to work my way through the early stages of this new life, learning to embrace each change. I want to share these changes with you so we may share all of our own small victories together. Share some of your own joy in the comments of this blog should you feel so inclined. I am encouraged by each of you!

Let’s begin with an update of the weight loss journey. As a side note, moving forward I will be using acronyms for the statistics (HW = high weight, SW = surgery weight, CW = current weight). Week 6.5 update is HW 280 lbs, SW 270 lbs and CW is 238 lbs. It has been a rollercoaster of adjustments between all of the funny sounds my body/digestive system makes, the pressure in my chest when I make mistakes (i.e., eating too large a bite, eating too fast, gulping instead of sipping), and seeing my body shape change. Each day is different. I am averaging approximately 750 calories each day. Some days more, some less but I am rarely hungry…. A COMPLETELY NEW CONCEPT. I have often said that I can’t understand people who don’t eat or forget to eat! YIKES….I am becoming the person I didn’t understand! Does this mean I am growing as a person? We can only hope…

When it comes to clothing, I began the journey in a women’s size 24 and today I am wearing size 20 jeans…AT SIX WEEKS OUT! Initially I had set a goal of 135 lbs, but I now believe I will allow my body to reveal it’s comfortable place. It has been interesting to see how attuned I have become to my physical being.  I am learning to “listen” to the unique language that is my body.

My style has begun to change. I am wearing heels more often and am feeling more confident in my appearance. My body feels different when I walk, stronger, a little lighter and more efficient. Though my muscles remain weaker post surgery/liquid diet than I have ever known them, I am working to regain strength. At six weeks out I can now lift more than 10 pounds, so I will be upping my training.

I have a long way to go and the road isn’t easy by any means, if it were, it certainly wouldn’t be worth it! Life continues on with struggles and the joys. Let’s remember that as we remain vigilant in our own causes, take time to celebrate the love and wonder that surrounds us day to day in our families, our friends and in this amazing world that offers us unimaginable beauty.




4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. So happy for you, Lisa. What an amazing journey and you are sharing everything we would want to know. Continue the good work. So proud of you. XXOM

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  2. Lisa, so glad you have shared your journey with all of us. Continued success and may each discovery bring a sense of joy and energy to continue your journey. You are loved🎊💐

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  3. I love that you share and take all of us who love you, on this journey. Plus, the struggle is real, and you are helping so many understand!! So proud of you!! I know this us not easy…but it also is exciting!!! The body changes, but more importantly, your thought process! You are so loved and such an inspiration! But, you were all those things prior to surgery. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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