One month out today!

It is very hard to believe that four weeks have passed. It has been an incredible journey to date! As a reminder my high weight (as seen above) was 280 lbs, surgery weight was 270 lbs on December 13th, and today the picture above from work (sorry I was holding the shirt for a company picture) I now weigh 244 lbs. Amazing is that I don’t see it when I look in the mirror, but to see this photograph I think, WHOA…I have a neck!! And more hair!

Listening to my body and learning what it “likes” and dislikes have been interesting. Though I am technically still in the soft foods stage, I find that on some days certain foods are fine, but the next day it could be a completely different story. Today I get to add ground meats to my food calendar….pretty excited! Shrimp, here I come…to get all three of you!!

I love that I am able to do more things, leaning over or crossing my legs are becoming easier. The floor is no longer my foe but is slowly becoming my friend. Adapting yoga floor routines to accommodate my knees and to support my still hefty weight. Blankets and blocks are solving a lot of these issues. My energy level still is holding me to three miles maximum walking. I am hopeful that the increase in protein products beginning today will address that issue.

Though I stumble with brain processing some of the time (yeah, you’re right, whoever just mumbled, “so what’s changed?”) I do notice that I am more alert, am sleeping much better and awake very refreshed. I am no longer suffering from the “afternoon slump” which I believe has everything to do with being on a very low carbohydrate diet. Overall I must say I feel pretty amazing.

Now I don’t want to mislead anyone who may think this is the easy way out or is considering the life changing procedure. I am learning to eat every couple of hours and I am still eating 2-3 ounces at a sitting. I don’t suffer from post-op reflux like some do, but I believe cutting processed foods and artificial sweeteners has helped there. Artificial sweeteners create all kinds of rebellion in our bodies, only we aren’t aware of the signals. One of the nice things is the reduction of gas. Many people suffer with gas following surgery, but I believe their intake includes a lot of processed products and hidden sugars, what I like to call the “oses” (dextrose, lactose, sucrose, galactose, etc.) and the “ols” (erythritol, glucitol, hexitol, inversol, sorbitol, etc.) These are the substances that I have found, for myself, cause multitudes of gastric discomfort. That being said, on a purely organic front, I DO know when I have eaten too much or too fast. Unlike me, my body is a master communicator!!

Each day is a new story in my journey and each day I must push myself to eat, to drink and to move. I know that I will meet the challenge in each area but it takes conscious decisions and plans. You will not succeed without a plan. As I share my path and my story know that I am not “preaching to the masses” as I learn, but sharing the errors of my way. I promised two sweet friends the other day not to become “that” person!

Wishing you all peace and joy until we meet again in my next update.

11 thoughts on “One month out today!

  1. WOW Lisa!!! I am amazed at how your face has changed, and love, love, love the joy in your eyes. So glad to see a picture of you. I appreciate what and how you write, I love learning about the process you are taking and how brave you are in allowing us all to be silent (or vocal) observers of your journey.

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