There is so very much to be grateful for this year. It has been a whirlwind of events, procedures and emotions. Today I stand in support of a dear friend who will be changing her life with the gastric sleeve surgery. We began the journey together and in just under two weeks I will join her on the “losers bench”.

I am constantly asked if I am prepared, scared or anxious about the surgery and the life change. I am even a little amazed how calm and sure I am in this decision. There is great hope and opportunity in taking all of the things you are grateful for, holding them close to your heart and taking a leap forward to a new path. My life is already so enriched by my family and all of you. There is no way to express the gratitude for all of the love I experience in my life.

This weekend my mom and I watched the actual surgery procedure on YouTube. It was VERY interesting to see the process and how large the stomach is once it is removed from the abdomen. If you can stomach watching the procedure, pun intended, it will provide a glimpse into part of what I am currently preparing for. This opens a place for dialogue and  questions, should you have anything you’d like to ask, as I have made it clear that I am committed to being an open book through the process. I am providing a link to the surgery video, click here. This is not my surgeon but it provides a thorough view on what will happen inside my body during surgery.

Moving forward the liquid diet begins this weekend. From Sunday on everything that passes my lips for the next three to four weeks will be in liquid form. One week will be clear liquids during immediate recovery. After liquids there will be the puree stage followed by soft foods before returning to regular foods in about six to seven weeks. The process is so well designed for a successful adjustment to the new stomach. I will share the experiences as transitions occur.

As the date moves closer, know that I am secure in the decision and this new healthy life course. As always thank you for your support and partnership in this journey.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. L * Loving
    I * Inspirational
    S * Strong
    A * Amazing

    You are all that and more! Brave, courageous, honest, sweet, giving, beautiful…. I could go on and on. By sharing your journey, not only are you helping yourself, you are touching so many people in ways you don’t even know. You remain in our hearts and prayers as you continue on your journey. Love to you always….. your cousin, Lisa

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  2. Lisa, I cannot believe how easy today has been! I came in this morning prepared for most any scenario and feel so, so blessed. Yes, there is soreness, but not what I would call real pain. I know that I’ll probably be more sore later, but being up and about on my own without ANY problem has been a wonderful surprise!
    Can’t wait for your big day! Be encouraged over the next few weeks of liquids that you will lose weight and it will make surgery so much easier on you. As of this morning I was down 20 lbs and my BP has been normal for the first time in years. Enjoy those liquids….right now I would gladly give my left arm for some chicken broth! Lol!!!!
    Must watch that video. Curious to see if it is like what my surgeon did. They told me I was on a tilt table and almost standing during the procedure! ?!$?%&!@?

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