For decades this song has had a profound impact on me at pivotal points in my life. The intense connection with the song began in 1985 as I was driving away from a man who had just ended our relationship. Since that night it has appeared on the radio at just the times I have needed to hear it and feel the strength the words provide.

As  you can imagine I am in serious change mode in preparation for this new road. With every step I take, every move I make I am imagining the changes to come. How my body will feel with each step, as I sit, as I move, as I take flight above the fears of the past. Silly things, like how much more room I will have in the bed, where I struggle nightly for space between ZaZa and Junie who command more area than 7 lbs and 12 lbs should occupy.

I am very aware of everything right now and, as uncomfortable as I am with the bulk that surrounds me, I am enjoying this phenomena immensely. This is a journey I am preparing and prepared for…

I hope you will listen to the song, which should play above and share your feedback, if it has affected you in life or any thoughts you might have about it now.


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