I have a DATE!!!!!

So it is finally coming to pass….I have my surgery date! On December 13, 2016 I will have gastric sleeve surgery, also known as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. As you can see on the photo above 80% of the stomach is removed laparoscopically and a vertical sleeve of a pouch stomach is left. I have a wonderful surgeon who actually brought the procedure to Alabama originally, Dr. Lee Schmidt at Alabama Weight Loss Surgery. Unfortunately my company does not have bariatric services of any kind as a part of their policy, so I will be private paying for this life changing and life extending procedure. I am so very excited to share this all with you as you are my cheerleaders.

I reflect now on how initially I wished upon wish that the process would move quickly and I could begin this new lease on life as soon as possible. In retrospect I know this happened exactly as it should have been progressing as it has provided the time to psychologically and physiologically prepare for the incredible changes about to occur. I can’t wait to share the step by step process and for me to be able to share the transformation!!

Stay tuned for more….!



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