While I wait patiently to learn the outcome of the insurance filing, I have filled the days with great distractions. One has been a reduction in entertaining pieces. Now this may seem silly, since I will be able to entertain even after surgery, but I am foreseeing changes in my life moving forward.

I had always “stocked up” on the latest, greatest essential entertaining and cooking pieces from Pampered Chef and other great places, including my cousins’ fabulous cookware store in Colorado Springs. This represented my investing in the fairytale of how my dream household would one day look. This eventually cost many, many dollars and much space in my home. Though I reduced my possessions by more than 60% when I moved to Alabama, I still have a long way to go and too much in the greater scheme of things.

This led to me reflect upon the dream that I built in my mind and heart for decades that one day I would have a family of my own. Now, know that I do have an amazing family and support system, but as a child and young adult I never in my wildest dreams imagined that at 52 I would still be living alone, sans two loving four legged “kids.”

I have lived an exceptionally wonderful life in incredible cities and known so many amazing people. There are so few regrets and so so many joys. I see that the dream of a “family of my own” has evolved into a family group of people I have chosen to be a part of my life at one time or another. Because of the love of others I have never lacked love or support, have never lacked for anything and for that I know how fortunate I am.

Our dreams may not be our realities, but if we chose to see and celebrate daily blessings I believe you will see our realities can become our dreams coming true.

8 thoughts on “Entertaining…

  1. Lisa, with all the love you have in your heart, incredible wit and intelligence, wicked sense of humor, beauty inside and out, I am confident true love will find you. Yes, we are all your family, but I am with you on your surprise. My only assumption is your paths have yet to cross. My hope for you is that you receive all you want in life because you certainly deserve it! love you!

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  2. You are so bright and so beautiful. Full of such love, gratitude and with so much to give to others. You continue to inspire us on your journey. Sending much love….

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