Those “one last times”

I follow three different online support groups currently for those who have had surgery and those who are pre-op. Ninety percent of the posts are either before/current or before/after pictures, which I must say are all quite inspiring. Included are motivating stories, questions about the actual procedure, post surgical basic living questions. You also have the “BOT” posts, back on track. These are people who have experienced a regain of some level and now they are working to “re-lose” the regain.

As I sit in my “high-seat” of observation, not of action, I am quick to mentally criticize those who have gone before me. I have commented to others how I cannot understand how people can take such drastic measures with their body only to look for post-op recipes that convert pre-op foods into post-op options which allow them to eat the foods that got them to where they were pre-surgery.

I comment on these particular these things as I have eaten my own way through the “things I will miss or not be able to eat again” and have put on weight instead of using this time to lose some initial weight in order to begin the process.

I worry that I am setting myself up for failure. I have not begun a regular exercise program, as I promise myself each week. I have not cut down on my portions, though it is also been a goal. I have not started logging everything that goes into my mouth, though I did purchase mini-notebooks yesterday. I HAVE stopped drinking sodas. I need to cut out the sugar and carbs, up the protein and increase lower carb vegetables. I say all of this in order to “come clean” and be accountable to all of you….my team.

I want and need to make this a success. It is a part of my thoughts most moments of the day. That said, I am making a commitment to you, TODAY, to truly begin this journey. This morning I have just weighed, granted post two cups of coffee, and the scale reads 276.8, I commit moving forward that I will share here with you, each Sunday, my progress on eating, exercise and weight from the week, in order to begin what I believe will be the most important part of new life disciplines.

Today the work begins….


10 thoughts on “Those “one last times”

  1. I read a bunch of gastric sleeve blogs before my surgery and found myself doing the same judgmental stuff… You ate what? Why on earth would you do that after surgery? You didn’t exercise again? Why would you do that after surgery? Now, two weeks after surgery, I find myself eating a bit of crow. Turns out, surgery isn’t a magic switch that automatically turns all of your bad habits off and good habits on. It’s an every day struggle. Surgery does give you some extra willpower to not order a pizza and carb out… but it doesn’t make you drink more water or exercise.. I’ve got to figure out how to do that on my own. Good luck and be kind to yourself! A lifetime of bad habits won’t break at once!


  2. I so understand and your words could be mine for the goals I make and then don’t follow through with. Love you Lisa. You are amazing!


  3. I am so proud of you for your honesty. You can do this and you will be successful. Everyone breaks promises they make to themselves at some point. No need to judge yourself just keep moving forward one step at a time.
    It’s a new day.

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  4. Trying to change everything about our life, which is what this choice requires, is difficult. Being addicted to food, one thing we need to exist, makes it so damn hard to alter our habits. The self awareness you are demonstrating by catching yourself criticizing others will bid well for you in not making the same mistake. You see how easy it is not to make healthy choices. I have great confidence in you and your success! Love you!


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