We all deal with our infamous insurance companies often. Hopefully with positive outcomes. I have been struggling lately as I was initially told I was covered for the procedure and now I am being told I am not. Stupidly I failed to ask for approval in writing as it was very early in this journey. So yes, I accept the naive label. The new plan is to submit in hopes that the conditions that have been identified during all the pre-op testing (pre-diabetes, rising cholesterol, severe sleep apnea) will provide some leverage for approval. We shall see…either way your cheerleading continues to lift me up!

Life often throws great blocks in our road and I realize that my blocks are much smaller than most. I recognize that each of us are facing many obstacles so I want to say that each one of you possesses so much love and strength. I am so very fortunate to have you all as my support system even in the midsts of your own life challenges! I do not take that for granted.

Updates soon will follow, and I know that it all will happen as it should!

6 thoughts on “Ahhhh….insurance

  1. Insurance…loaded topic these days! I surely hope you can finagle it to cover your “adventure”! I had a recent eye-opening medical experience three weeks ago. We were in Geneva, Switzerland, all ready to get out and enjoy the lovely city, when BLAPPPPP, I tumbled getting out of the shower, and broke my left pinky. If you have never had to frantically call a cab, register at an emergency room, and answer nurses’/doctors’ questions IN FRENCH, well, you have not really lived. I was treated magnificently, was out of the Hopitaux Universitaire Geneve system in less than three hours, and was prepared for a huuuuuuuuge ER bill. Total? $300. Yup. I thought I had mistranslated, and repeated “Trois CENT? Pas trois MILLE?” Nope, I had heard right. The lovely bursar laughed and said, “Vous Americains payez trop pour les petites procedures!” She’s right about that! So, I suppose my advice to you, Lisa, is go over to Switzerland for your operation. I’m ready to expatriate right now!


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