Sleep Study….

Yes, you may laugh….There is nothing pretty about a sleep study. The picture is before they put on the headgear and mask! I can now say that “sleep” should not be a part of the name. The good news is that all my testing is now complete and with some slight nudging I hope to have all of the paperwork to the surgeon by next week so the pre-op appointment can be scheduled. I have learned so much during this process and I thought I would share some things I have learned this week.

I tuned in to a discussion the other day about habits. The woman spoke about cues, routines and rewards. She discussed how we cannot change bad habits but we can change the cues once we have identified them. For instance when I walk in the door after work (which is a cue) it often leads to a routine of sitting down on the couch. I then subconsciously “reward” myself with food. Now that I have identified the cue, I have changed my routine thus reward. This is valuable information as I move forward with my transition to a healthier me.

One of my staples for preparing for the transition focuses solely on bariatric eating, click the link to learn more. This week I read an interesting article on portion size. I was already aware that once I have the pouch surgery that 1/4 cup will be the maximum I will be able to hold. What I found interesting was how mindlessly we consume, especially when dining with others often to “clean our plates” failing to understand what our bodies are telling us at the time. The following explains the levels specified in the article about our hunger, as well as how to listen and react with our actions.

Level 1 – weak, headache, confusion, slow movements, low blood sugar
Level 2 – very uncomfortable, light headed, irritable, unable to concentrate
Level 3 – uncomfortable hollow feeling, stomach rumbling
Level 4 – slightly uncomfortable, just beginning to become aware of and feel hunger
Level 5 – comfortable, you are satisfied but could eat a little more
Level 6 – happily comfortable, satisfied. Many emit a signal, usually a hiccup, sniffle or sneeze at the back edge before moving to level 7
Level 7 – full and feeling that you don’t really want another bite. This is just a little beyond where you want to be
Level 8  – not wanting to swallow the chewed food in your mouth where you must spit it out, uncomfortable
Level 9 – overfull, very uncomfortable, regret in having eaten too much, pouch pain, hoping to regurgitate for relief. Feeling this way normally initiated by foods that go down easily but swell such as rice, pasta, bread
Level 10 – stomach pain, chills, regurgitating of food, followed by intense fatigue

Hopefully next time you hear from me it will be with news! Have a good week and I’ll talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Sleep Study….

  1. Lisa just to let you know about a feeling I had after my surgery . 3 to 4 months after surgery in fact. When I got full and maybe too full I started to sneeze, not just 1 time or two , 10 times!! Having a tingly feeling is pretty common due to stomach placement after eating just a thought you might encounter ☺️

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