Breast tissue, who knew?!?

I have been hesitant to write the last couple of weeks because of a test result. I knew I would be able to pen my thoughts post procedure results. Long story shortened, one of the pre-op tests is  stress test, as I have mentioned previously. Apparently during the treadmill and resting stress test the images revealed an abnormality or dark spot on my heart. For obvious reason I have kept this information close. Yesterday with my mom and my dad at my side I had a diagnostic heart catheterization.

I am sure many know of this procedure from self, friends or family experiences. I knew some who had gone through it, as well as I knew there was a cath lab at the hospital. That said, I had no idea what to expect. First of all it was COLD! Both of my parents are naturally always cold, so for them it was artic-like. And that was just the pre-procedure location.

My nurse, Sandra, led me to my room where I changed into a gown, had vitals taken, was told to take a Benadryl and a Xanax, an IV was started and received my bikini cut. Yes, I was shaved…!  The parents were then brought back, my mom fashionably clad in a wool top, jeans and a heavy scarf and jacket. Dad was in his winter standard Under Armour, plus layers and a warm jacket. They were quite the site! I had warm blankets, thank you Sandra.

One of the things I have been worried about is that I begin Quantitative Analysis class this week, along with a MIS class and an Organization Behavior class. The head of the program has warned since orientation that this will be the most intense module (7 weeks) of the BBA program.  On the upside Dad was here to help me prepare for my studies. While waiting to be wheeled back to the lab he quizzed me on formulas we had studied that morning. Remind me to share with you the limerick about mean, median and mode! All of this took place as the Xanax and Benadryl were kicking it…

When it was my turn to go back I was wheeled into a frigid room (60 degrees I believe) that looked like something out of the future! I should have known it was cold when they wrapped a warm blanket around my head! Very impressive and very cool that I was able to watch on the screen as everything happened! The road map of our bodies is so amazing.

Once I was returned to the room we received the wonderful, but silly news that my heart was in great shape and apparently it was dense breast tissue that had given the appearance of a dark spot. Going into the procedure we knew that this was a possibility but were prepared to face whatever came our way. This was the best possible outcome.

I am home today to recover and will return to work tomorrow. I have sent the parents packing and cannot drive. There is bruising at the site and I am aware of soreness but otherwise feel great! Now we move on to the sleep test, which should be complete this week.

Thank you for your continued support during this journey. I do not know if you are alerted when I respond to your comments, but please know I try to respond to everyone! You are the cheerleaders and coaches that are make the journey possible by keeping me accountable!! I love you all for it!


30 thoughts on “Breast tissue, who knew?!?

  1. So happy to read this and see that you are okay!! My prayers are with you! I have missed your “post” and look forward to having you back on track! 😀🙏

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  2. Wonderful news! And I think you are fantastic to share this journey, you never know who you may be reaching with much needed information. Plus, we want to keep up with how you’re doing. Thank you and keep up the great work. ❤

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  3. Great news, now onwards and upwards! I enjoyed my sleep study ,yes even with all the wires. Clap has made a difference for me .Best wishes ,and hugs from us💪🏼💐

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  4. Lisa, I do hope everything goes well for you! Your old neighbors and neighborhood miss you.
    That missing will be even more noticeable next April when we have poet David Cooperman, from Denver visit Jackson. We will have him at the library but hope to arrange a reading at the Temple as well. Sue Ann

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  5. I didn’t notice this was here. I love you and I am so proud of you. I am so thankful to have you as a friend. Woohoo for dense breast tissue. Lol
    Love you sweet friend!!

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