My first written goal…

I have been thinking a lot about goals and this is one that keeps coming back to me. I want to be able to paddleboard! This involves balance, coordination and the ability to lay flat, squat and then stand on the board. Of course at this point it is a dream, but my plan is to be able to accomplish the goal by next summer! I can think of nothing I want more than to paddle with manatees, above the rays, alongside the dolphins. I will make this happen! This does NOT overshadow my dream of Florence, Italy though.

You may have wondered why my posts have been lean lately. I am still awaiting the sleep study (received insurance approval Monday) and also have an additional test next Monday. If all goes well I hope to know more within the next few weeks. I thought initially that the process would move fairly quickly and by this time, August, I would be planning for the surgery date. What I  have realized is that things are happening just as they should and with each test, with each additional day, with each article, I am preparing in the best way possible. I am learning as I go, preparing as I need and making sound decisions that I can live with the rest of my life.

Also I have been reading constantly, when I am not studying, about the trials and tribulations of those who are already living with their own transformation and I am finding such reinforcement of my decision to make this journey. My sweet friend Vickie, who began her own transformation a few years ago, recently sent an article that has continued to hold my attention. It suggests that we look not to change ourselves, but to transform. In my mind this entails becoming something different, not making a short-term change, but transforming into what I want to be, who I want to be and loving each step of the transformation process.

It is a new day each day….!



11 thoughts on “My first written goal…

  1. Would you consider a kayak? They are on end-of-the-season sale right now and we have lots of lakes around here to paddle around in AND they fit in the back of a Honda?!

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  2. Lisa, thank you for sharing–Can’t wait for you to paddle board. Keep your dreams and they will be fulfilled —-love you Sandra

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  3. Thank you for posting your thoughts, dreams and hopes during your journey. You words not only inspire me but help guide me in a direction that I now believe dreams and goals are the same! Everything is achievable, but it’s the path we take to get there! Love you girlie! Keep it and keep posting!

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  4. Wow, Cousin Lisa! You are such an inspiration to everyone who knows you. You are such a beautiful person and I’m so blessed to have met you through our dear Aunt Della! I miss you so much. Sending you lots of love!!! xoxo, Lisa

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