11 thoughts on “Finding and sharing joy…

  1. You are amazing!!! I know this journey is taking longer than you had hoped for, but I love that you recognize your time is not always the right time. That is a huge one for all of us, me included, our nature is instant gratification. But this time is for changes, recognizing, and doing your part to prepare for the journey, and WOW, you are doing it!!! For what it is worth, I am so happy and proud of you!! You have a beautiful soul and everything about you is positive and uplifting!!!!! I just wanted you to know how we see you!!

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  2. What an inspiring message for all of us. Saw this on Facebook a while back, but just now getting around to watching it. At age 52 also, I am questioning so many things – wise husband Dave Scott says I’m just having yet another mid-life crisis – but, it feels like much more than that. Good luck on your journey – about to start one of my own, I hope, in a whole new direction. Loved meeting you here in the Bay a few weeks ago – come back to visit anytime and I’ll walk with you! Cindy


    1. Thank you Cindy! I would love to walk with you! I so enjoyed meeting you and have always heard such wonderful things about you. I look forward to learning about your new adventure as well. We 52 year olds have to stick together!!


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