5 lbs….

This weekend an idea was born which I am implementing immediately! For every 5 pounds that are lost on this journey, I will be purchasing a 5 lb bag of rice. I am going to keep the bags in my office at work as a reminder of where I started (thank you Maya for this part of the idea). Once I have reached my goal weight, I will photograph the pile, frame it for posterity’s sake and donate all the rice to a local food bank!

Goal setter….ACTIVATED!!!  As planned I began my exercise routine this weekend in Mississippi and continued with a terrific walk this morning of 4.44 miles. I should begin to see a loss now as I prepare for the surgery with diet and exercise.

While being in Vicksburg this weekend was wonderful in many ways, I constantly felt the effects of the weight. I don’t think I stopped sweating profusely the entire visit, though pretty normal for Mississippi summers, this time it was a bit more intense.

The three stories of my mom’s building consist of their home on the top floor, the gallery on the second and my stepdad Daniel’s coffeehouse on the first. A weekend of working my way from top to bottom wore my fat butt out! I was really bothered by the fact that I was often sitting from just exhaustion. This is not me. I am usually going-going and even though I do love a relaxing moment, it was just a hard pill to swallow.

That said, now that I am choosing the more active lifestyle, hopefully these types of days will begin to be past me. Onward bound I go….

10 thoughts on “5 lbs….

  1. You are an inspiration to me not just for your determination to lose weight but your generousity of sharing your journey. I will be looking out for your updates.

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