Independence Day…

It has taken the week to get thoughts in order. Though Monday was the “big” day, the office is undergoing a complete remodel, which I am coordinating, I was in Birmingham for meetings on Wednesday and of course full time school! I have been a bit exhausted.

The appointment went well on Monday. I was a little overwhelmed when I arrived. The office is on the third floor of a four story building connected to St. Francis Hospital in northeast Birmingham. Apparently they have this down to a science. The orientation process is definitely designed to weed out those whose interest may not be sincere.

When I arrived the lobby was packed full, standing room only. A nurse comes at thirty minutes after the hour, speaks to the group, hands out your specific folder, and explains the process and the required pre-op testing. We were called back individually, our vitals  measured and we were put into our respective rooms. Not long after Dr. Schmidt came in and introduced himself. He spoke about my records, allowed me to ask each and every one of my questions and did not rush me in any way. I had learned that he was the surgeon who brought the Gastric Sleeve to the State of Alabama and we discussed that information. I soon left armed with instructions and anticipation all the while holding fast to a feeling of overwhelming mindfulness.

In the days since, I have seen a PCP to begin the testing procedures and am making some physical changes as well. I will be with my mother this weekend and will restart my walking regimen. I am also working on being aware of the size bites I take and making sure I masticate properly. I am becoming aware of just how much this experience will be life changing. my approaches to the very little things will all have to be relearned and I know it is better to begin working on those lessons sooner than later.

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this post. I know I had hyped up the trip quite a lot and needed thought time to process. It is a new day and I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day weekend. I will be celebrating my independence as I prepare for my own “revolutionary war”!

6 thoughts on “Independence Day…

  1. Thinking of you and hoping that things continue so positively. You are a brave and wonderful woman who definitely has decided to face her demons.


  2. Tell your mom hi! I am going to try to do the same things you are doing! Mindfulness is a great practice, but hard to do with so many things happening at once – just look at your week. However, I know you will figure it out! Love you and thanks for taking me on this journey with you.

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  3. Congratulations on this first big step.This journey will be one of adventure , and self- discovery .
    I am so proud of your strength because taking back your power is exhilarating ! Welcome

    To the future loser’s bench☺️


  4. Dear Lisa, I am so excited to have met you and am honored to have shared a wonderful walk with you in Vicksburg (I say wonderful because of our conversation and the view….but it was hot and humid!!!). I was in awe of your kind spirit as soon as I met you – you clearly have a lot to offer the world and this blog will make a difference in many people’s lives. I look forward to reading your blog and following your brave and beautiful journey. From another self-proclaimed hugger…sending you lots of love and a big hug! Good luck!!

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    1. Thank you Maya! It was amazing spending the time with you, sharing our challenges and accepting/loving each other for it! I look forward to getting together again next time I head to NC!


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