7 thoughts on “My first video blog…

  1. I love that you are doing this for YOU! You always give abundantly of yourself. It’s time that you love yourself as mich as we love you. Live life, have fun!

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  2. Just watched your video, dear girl, and think I did her that segment of This American Life. You continue to impress me, and my thoughts, prayers and good wishes are right by your side during your journey.

    Much love,


    Marcia Harris


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  3. Very nicely done. It is a revelation to hear the honesty you are focused on and your ability to share your thoughts and dreams. We love you.


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  4. I love you and miss you so much Lisa!!!!! Thank you for your sharing in the video. YES, you are a HAPPY person and i have always been drawn to you zest and zeal for life. I too have a similar thoughts and feelings about “the things i want to do when i am thin”. Maybe we should do some of those things together when the time comes. AND IT WILL! for us both!!!!!! xoxo P.S. I love that necklace you are wearing in the video and it made me smile to see you!


  5. Loved your video! (I won’t go into detail the technical suggestions I have for future video posts.)😀 I want to say I’m proud of you for doing this, but that just doesn’t cover it. I want you to know that I still see you as my sister from another mother, and always will. Keep up the fight. I will always be in your corner!


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