The Little Big Things

Bathrooms….you probably do not give them much thought, short of cleanliness. My experience can be a little different. I’m one of those people that cannot stand when I put someone with a disability out in any way. This causes a problem when I go into a bathroom and realize the regular stalls are really tight for my size so I guiltily go into the handicapped stall.

This happened today, I was so embarrassed when I came out and an older MUCH larger woman had been forced to use a regular stall because I had taken the larger one.  It is silly but you will begin to see a recurring theme of what I am calling “the little big things.”

If you have ever been to a restaurant with me you know that I do not like to sit in a booth. I am usually squeezed in and being short the boobs end up resting on the table….go ahead you may laugh now! Let’s not even talk about comfort or how it feels to sit shoved in between two fixed points. It’s the little big things!

Moving on, I am becoming more excited as Monday gets closer. I spend any spare time researching and reading other’s experiences so when I am in front of the doctor I will be armed with all of the right questions.

More to come as I ramp up the anticipation of the first appointment!

One thought on “The Little Big Things

  1. I absolutely love that you are writing this blog! You are talking about things that I sometimes struggle with, but don’t want to admit. The thing about restaurant boothes is something I deal with all the time. Judy and I miss you so much. You are inspiring me to make life changes pf my own. Love you.


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