I have decided to begin a journey to find my true authentic self. To provide some background, I have spent most of the last 52 years on a roller coaster of weight gain and loss, feeling inadequate, and fearing my true potential.

In March 2016, I finally decided to go back to school to complete a degree which I came so very close to earning in 1987. Although this time I am working a full-time job that I enjoy and balancing life with all its demands. During this time, I have edged back towards my maximum weight of 280 pounds.

Now to share the impact of the fact I just typed out for the world to see what my weight is…FEAR, EMBARRASSMENT,SELF JUDGEMENT. What I have always denied is my size. I have always seen the face in the mirror and ignored the body I couldn’t look at!

You are now my mirror. I want to share this journey and to be accountable to my friends and family who will read this. I hope you will laugh with me, be a shoulder when I am scared and support my journey along the way. I welcome your feedback.

That being said, I am in the early stages of seeing a bariatric doctor to have the gastric sleeve done. My first appointment is June 27th. I want to share the experience going through the process of surgery and as my body changes, getting to know my own unique self and loving the woman that I am.

Thanks for joining and bon voyage!


2 thoughts on “Packing…

  1. It seems like it is anew beginning for you and your sister. I know she loves you deeply so you are doing parallel excavating of who you are now and where you will go. I think this is very brave and important to explore, ask questions, and face realities. Putting words out into the universe makes you accountable and that is pretty heavy but doable. The world is opening up to you and you have all the qualities to make it happen. Your support is strong no matter how you spell journey. Much love

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  2. Lisa…. you know that i can relate. Being that my top weight was 300lbs and i CONTINUE to struggle daily and am tired of the yo-yo myself, i applaud you for your honesty and “realness”. I love who you are and am so happy to be your friend. I am with you sister. Maybe we can help each other. 🙂


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